Ukrainian Cultural Center in Lebanon

Lynn Mekdad- her first success story...

Success comes to the people who work hard and have a positive mind. And if you focus on your goals one day you will reach them, and then all the hard work will pay you off…

  Here we start to share with you the success stories of our students, our little hard workers, who fully dedicate themselves to the activities they choose to master in Triumff Sports Club and Ukrainian Cultural Center.

  Lynn Mekdad is a little but avery ambitious person who started practicing rhythmic gymnastics in Ukrainian Cultural Center in 2013 at the age of five. She has progressed to an advanced level quite quickly in the duration of two years.

  “Lynn possesses all the attributes of a successful rhythmic gymnast, including proper body structure, flexibility, dedication and constant practice.”-says her coach Dana Amer.

  Besides that Lynn is a very diligent student at school and she manages properly her time for studying, having gymnastics practice and leisure time with her friends and family.

  We are so proud of her and we will always encourage Lynn and each and every one of our students to reach higher levels in what they are mastering!

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